2020....friend or foe?

I bet nobody on this planet could have predicted how 2020 would play out. Personally I feel like I've been through a long wash then lots of quick spins to make sure all the water is out!

In all seriousness, I am a very proud NHS worker and watched my team, other staff in different areas step up in ways they have never had to. I have seen increased compassion, love and care. To be part of this is massive tribute to how strong the NHS is and how much everyone in it cares. We have the public behind us as all the masks were dropped from who we are and what we do. I have gained huge satisfaction being part of the workforce who kept things going during Covid.

I experienced my own family suffering, My Mam spent 10 days in hospital early autumn. My sister and I had to self isolate with our little ones and we made a pact and kept in touch 2-3 times a day with each other. We both expressed how if we had'nt of done the personal development work on ourselves we would not have managed and coped so well. The hospital communication was amazing so I was updated regularly on My Mam's condition and before long we were facetiming on the unit Ipad.

I saw the end of a personal relationship. I experienced feelings of rejection which I could also link back to losing my Dad as a teenager so in completing my Emotional intelligence course for coaches with Lindsey Capp I was able to look at this in depth and find some healing. My coaching buddies came to the fore and helped and supported me too, as coaches need coaches. We dont wait around to feel that bad we dont know where to turn. Connection and communication were key in all areas and continue to strengthen.

Now, a brand new year ahead of us. I am focussing on my own personal goals and being consistent with daily action to achieve them. I will receive the Covid injection in the next couple of weeks. I will have my appraisal at work and move forward to support my team as best I can. Staying safe at work and staying well at home. So, self care is a very important part of everyday. I have determined what makes me feel good and what I enjoy and I balance the time I spend carrying out these essential things.

If our world opens up again this year it will be a bonus for me. I believe everyone always has 2 choices and its up to us all as to whether we want or lives to stay the same or change...........

There are lots of things that are in the circle of concern but we have no control over them. So, look at what you have and what you have ultimate control over. You. Always you.

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