How I help

How I help women 30-50 

When women empower each other, magic happens.

Staying in our own lanes and stepping into our own power. I have supported many women who have felt lost or lost their purpose.

Kinship is key. See how we connect. 

Discovering your dreams

When did you last dare to dream? However big or small, they are yours. Discover your world and the one you want. Dream big and bold, nobody is watching!

Finding and working on yourself

Discovering you! What makes you tick and you, you?

Who are you? Let's discover this together in a safe space. There is no greater power than working and investing in yourself.


Coaching is a process in which a coach partners with a client to provide thought-provoking sessions that allow the client to gain clarity on any situation and inspires action. The client encovers the answer themselves.

Personal development

For 4 years I have practised personal development consistently everyday. I have learnt so much about myself and others. My biggest learns being that mindset is everything, everything you ever need is already inside you and that change is the only constant.

Neuro linguistic programming

NLP is a method of influencing neurology (neuro) using language and other types of communication (linguistic) to enable a person to recode the way they respond to external stimuli and manifest new and better behaviours (programming).

Finding clarity

Through the haze comes clarity. Once you discover you, how you best function and what you want.

To see clearly is like sight returning. When you have clarity you have the confidence to see where you want to be.

The law of attraction

What is the law of attraction?

- It's the key to everything you want in life

- It's how the universe works

- It's the energy that flows around us and through us

- It's always working

Smashing your own glass ceiling

By addressing limitations we can dream in a limitless way. Step into our power and recognise who we are. I will hold the hammer for you while you swing for it. Let's reach for the sky.